Introducing Swingtacular!  This exciting swing is a crunching, munching, foraging delight.

Featuring a natural Cadagi Gumtree branch (aprox 30cm wide and 2.5-3cm diameter) that has been washed with mild soapy water, sprayed with F10 veterinary disinfectant (1:500 dilution) and sun dried with a variety of plain and coloured pine pieces, vine rings, cardboard birdie bagels, cupcake wrappers, corrugated cardboard rolls and 2 5x5x5cm Kraft card foraging boxes stuffed with shreddy paper all threaded together on 1.6mm stainless steel wire that can be hung at two points or both together to form a triangle.

Suited to small to medium sized birds (ie Cockatiels up to Eclectus) to be hung in large cages, aviaries or play areas.

Size: Each swing will vary slightly but are aprox 33cm wide, 36cm long with an internal height of aprox 30cm.


*Stainless steel wire is NOT welded so please monitor play for safety with larger birds.

**Please note quick links are not included with our toys.

***Natural branches will vary in size and form but all are aprox 2.5-3cm in diameter. While these have been  carefuly cleaned any further santizing is up to the buyers discretion. 


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