The Busy Birdie Foraging Tower features a solid 4.2x4.2x25cm shaped pine block with two 20mm foraging cavities, and 6 hanging shreddable sections packed with a variety of natural and coloured pine slices and Groov-E blocks, corrugated cardboard rolls, cupcake wrappers and 30x30x30mm Foraging cubes with 15mm diameter cavities threaded onto twister paper rope.

Please note colours will vary from toy to toy.

The toy has a solid stainless Steel eye screw that is welded closed so can withstand powerful beaks.

Toy Length is aprox 34cm and aprox 20cm wide

Suitable for most parrots:  for enthusiastic smaller parrots (Greencheek sized) up to larger birds like Macaws and Cockatoos.

Busy Birdie Foraging Tower

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